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Sex Hormones

Healthy adults have an innate need to procreate; this is called the sex drive. As we age, our bodies produce less of the hormones that drive our sexual desires, and our need for sex declines. This can be distressing to both genders. Oftentimes, low levels of sex hormones (testosterone in men and estrogen in women) lead to depression. Fortunately, we at Longevity Healthcare, Inc. have the answer: Herbal Well-Being Promoter.

Many people in the medical community tend to write off decreased sex drive and the resulting depression as the natural consequence of aging. Doctors may treat the depression with medication, but ironically, many anti-depressants actually suppress libido, only making matters worse. Some doctors prescribe hormone therapy, but this have been linked to cancer. It's no wonder, then, that savvy doctors and consumers are turning to Herbal Well-Being Promoter.

Restoring Sex Hormones

A blend of 15 herbs makes up this secret Chinese recipe. It's based on an original herbal recipe that was created specifically for the Cixi Empress during the Qing Dynasty. She often rewarded her concubines with this herbal treatment, which promoted more appealing looks and a heightened virility. After 15 years of study and 50 years of use, Herbal Well-Being is now available to you.

Increase your level of sex hormones by naturally jump-starting your body's ability to produce them. Herbal Well-Being Promoter can lower hypogonadism, which is poor functioning of the testes or ovaries. This herbal supplement can also increase your sex drive and improve sexual performance. Regain the virility of your youth: order your supply today!

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