Herbal Well-Being Promoter is a 100% natural anti-aging herb product formulated by the best type of tonics and restoratives prepared for people's total well-being and healthy longevity. It could help to cope with all health challenges you may face.
Herbal Well-Being Promoter has been recommended and used nationwide by hospitals and clinics in China as a natural and alternative health product and supplement restorative for the adults and elderly since the 1950s.
The unique therapeutic effects of Herbal Well-Being Promoter were identified by long-term clinical application in Beijing's Xiyuan Hospital of China, Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing's Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital, and Beijing's Sports College.

Herbal Well-Being Promoter is composed solely of natural herbal ingredients, and formulated by a very special herb recipe and Chinese ancient secret prescription from the Qing Dynasty of China, which was prepared especially for the Chinese Cixi empress.
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Herbal Well-Being Promoter is made from more than fifteen natural and treasured Chinese herbs and developed throughout 15 years of modern scientific pharmacological experiments and clinical research in China. The product is produced by China's renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Co., based on the Traditional Chinese Herb Medicine (TCHM) theory of "Human Organic System Regeneration and Rejuvenation?and the therapeutic principles of TCHM's Herb Pharmacology.

This special herb prescription of Herbal Well-Being Promoter can increase body energy in nature, nourish body organs without drastic action as it's?composition is mild and its?action is gentle in property. So Herbal Well-Being Promoter is especially suitable for persons in middle age or older for the long term or lifetime application.

Herbal Well-Being Promoter can help to:
    Delay Aging Process and Prolonging Life.
    Improve the coordination of neuro-immunity network of the brain.
    Reduce the Risk of Cerebralvascular Diseases, Senile Dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.
    Reduce the Risk of Menopausal Syndrome, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and Falling.
    Improve the Elderly Lungs, Vital Capacity and Weakness.
    Improve Hypogonadism, Sex drive, and Sexual performance for both Men and Women.
    Increase the body's own natural sexual hormone level.
    Can be taken as an alternative to natural hormone complement therapy (HCT)
       virtually without risk.
    Promote people's comprehensive health, well-being, and healthy longevity.
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Herbal Well-Being Promoter is a 100% natural anti-aging herb product, composed solely of natural herbal ingredients and formulated by a very special herb recipe and Chinese ancient secret prescription from the Qing Dynasty of China, which was prepared especially for the Chinese Cixi Empress.

Chinese Cixi Empress had taken such herb medicine to stay well and enjoy a prolong life. Because of the great value of the Herbal Well-Being Promoter, Cixi Empress often gave it to concubines and maids as a reward. According to the medical records of the ancient prescription, people who take it on a long-term basis, "can darken their hair, improve their spirits, and strengthen their ambulation", as well as improve "lumbar soreness, lassitude, and neurasthenia."

The original and special prescription or formula of Herbal Well-Being Promoter was modified from two ancient prescriptions of Chinese herb medicine, i.e. Yang's Preserving Youth and Huatuo Anti-aging. Today, the original formula and secret prescription of Herbal Well-Being Promoter, as China's national treasure, are collected and retained in the medical records of the Palace Museum (Qing Dynasty Museum), Beijing, China.

For more than one hundred years, Herbal Well-Being Promoter has been used as a health product for people's health care and longevity. From a hundred year's application and update research in China, Herbal Well-Being Promoter has become the best type of tonics and restoratives prepared for human's anti-aging and healthy longevity, and benefited people's well-being and quality of life

Main Ingredients & Nutritional components
Herbal Well-Being Promoter consists of more than fifteen valuable Chinese herbal ingredients. Mainly included are Ginseng Radix Extract, Dangui Root Extract, Lycium Fruit Extract, Dodder Seed Extract, Asparagus Root Extract, Dioscorea Extract, Foxglove Root Extract, Chinese Peony Root Extract, Schisandra Fruit Extract, Eucommia Bark Extract, Cornus Extract , Alismatis Rhizome Extract, Biota Seed Extract, Polygala Root Extract, Poria Extract.

Rigorous modern scientific test and nutritional examination, which is done in China, have demonstrated that Herbal Well-Being Promoter is rich in mineral substances such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and iron. Non-Acidic, Micro-Granulated, Encapsulated, Cold-Processed.

Ultra-fine powders in a capsule are gentler on your stomach and dissolve easier than the glued-together granules of ordinary tablets. Moreover, capsules avoid the heat generated by grinding nutrients and compressing them into tablets, thereby preserving their nutritional value. Only this 100% heat-free production yields our rapidly absorbed micro-granulated and encapsulated additive-free formulas.

CONTAINS NO Additives of any kind, milk, soy, yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, sodium, salt, sugar, starch, fat, cholesterol oil, emulsifier, wax, binder, filler, lubricant, diluents, coating, flowing agent, common allergen, color, flavor, sweetener or preservative.
Herbal Well-Being Promoter is manufactured as an oral capsule preparation that contains brown-yellow powder with bitter and slightly sweet taste.

There is 0.25g/capsule, each bag contains twenty capsules and there are six bags containing 120 capsules. It is a 30 day supply based on two capsules for each administration, taken twice daily.

The laboratory test of the product has been done in China. The examination of the product has been approved by American FDA.

Air-damp-proof storage. Hermetically sealed, kept away from moisture.
Shelf life: 3 year.
These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Longevity should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle. The product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.
The main ingredients of Herbal Well-Being Promoter are extracted and refined from medicinal herbs by means of advanced technology, and produced by modern scientific method, adopting advanced processing technique of herbal patent medicine production with a high quality standard.
Herbal Well-Being Promoter is a first class health product in term of its' specific health effects- decreasing the risks of diseases, preserving youth, health and prolonging life.
In addition, the product is rich in vitamins, microelements and mineral substances, which can supply richer nutrients to the body. The remedy is made into capsules, which is convenient for administration and body absorption.
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