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Do you know that human's well-being in a stressful world can be a result of the proper use of natural herbs?

The history of a hundred year application and deeply update research and study in China, Herbal Well-Being Promoter's great benefits have been pharmacologically and clinically testified by millions of people all over China.


Long-term animal experiment and clinical research in China have demonstrated Herbal Well-Being Promoter can help in:

Delaying Aging Process and Prolonging Life

  • Can prolong average surviving time of aged quails. It prolonged life by seventy-seven days while vitamin E prolonged eight days only. The life of aged quails was prolonged
    by over 37%.
  • Can remarkably prolong the process of the tadpole transforming into a frog.
  • Can promote the elimination of body free radical and lipofuscin (LPO), promote free radical scavenging, and the effect of body anti-oxidation.
  • Can remarkably reduce the accumulation of blood lipofuscin (LPO) in cells of the elderly, as well as delay aging process by functioning like Vitamin E.

Improving the coordination of neuro-immunity network of the brain in senile rats.

  • Can improve the function of pituitary's endocrine and the coordination of neuro-immunity network in the adult or aged.
  • Can improve the function of neuro-receptor in hyppocampal area of the brain in senile rats.
  • Can reduce the aging process of brain by increasing the number of M-cholinergic receptor in hyppocampal area of the brain in senile rats.
  • Can decrease activity of monoamine oxidase (MAO-B, one biochemical enzyme causing aging) in brain.
  • Can increase transmitter to release of noradrenaline (NA, one neurogen causing Hypertension ) in brain.

Reducing the Risk of Cerebralvascular Diseases, Senile Dementia, and Alzheimer's.

  • Can decrease Lipoidemia (LPD), and total cholesterol (TC, promoting formation of thrombus and arteriosclerosis) in blood.
  • Can increase blood high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C, healthy cholesterol) to reduce arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, which the action is superior to and continues longer than vitamin E.
  • Can remarkably improve liquefaction intellection of the aged such as mental calculation speed and the ability tomemorize numbers and symbols.
  • Can improve the cognitive function and intelligence of the aged, and enhance memory.

Reducing the Risk of Menopausal Syndrome, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and Falling.

  • Can increase the body's own natural hormone level (progesterone and estradiol of female, testosterone of male), especially the level of progesterone and estradiol for female.
  • Can improve woman menopausal syndrome, menstruation.
  • Can variably increase human bone mass density (BMD) in the adults or aged.
  • Can remarkably increase BMD of osteoporosis patients, and strengthen muscles and bones.
  • Can improve symptoms of osteoporosis, and the total efficient rate reaches 81.9%.

Improving the Elderly Lungs' Vital Capacity and Weakness.

  • Can remarkably increase the elderly vital capacity by improving the blood circulation in lungs, as well as increase the function of the elderly lungs.
  • Can remarkably improve the weakness and fatigue of the elderly and adults, and the total efficient rate reaches 93.65%, which is much higher than Vitamin E (61.02%).

Improving Hypogonadism, Sex drive, and Sexual performance for both Men and Women.

  • Can increase sexual hormone level and improve sexual activity for both male and female.
  • Can be taken as an alternative to natural hormone complement therapy (HCT) virtually without risk.
  • Can avoid side-effects and risk of cancer caused by artificial HCT for life-time hormone therapy purpose.

Increasing the total body health and well-being.

  • Can bring the body up to full strengths and efficiency, increased energy and level of body total function.
  • Can improve "fatigue syndrome" of people in the middle age and aged, which is caused by stress, over-loaded work, or illness and weakness.
  • Can achieve the goals of living with a comprehensive health and well-being.

For more research information in detail, go to >> Update Research Reports from China

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