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American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., (ALHC), is a California international corporation established in September, 2002. ALHC was founded by group American professional health care providers who are medical doctors and gerontologists.

ALHC is the first company in U.S.A. that provides a unique internationally, bilingual and professional gerontological consulting services for Chinese aging population either in America or in Mainland China. To help people live longer and healthier, we are introducing a high quality traditional Chinese herbal health product to America for people’s self-care.

Our team of professionals at American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., includes: Western medicine, Chinese Traditional Herb Medicine and Therapy, geriatric medicine, and health care and social services for the elderly. The team has worked in the health and long-term care industry for the elderly in China as well in America for many years. Because of the founders' extensive knowledge and experiences in clinic medicine and health care the company’s services and products are especially developed to meet most needs of people who are either suffering from chronic health problems and/or looking for a higher quality of the life, health and longevity.

The company’s professional services and health products focus mainly on the people’s health, longevity, self-health care, geriatric care, gerontological services, and long-term care for the elderly and their families. In order to provide the information and therapeutic means related to people’s self-health care, healthy longevity, and geriatric care, American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., will continually introduce and distribute great Chinese natural formula herb products to the population of our communities.

The company’s mission is to develop a responsive network of services, resources, and health products to assist seniors and their families, and to meet the various needs of people’s health maintenances, self care, and quality of life in our longevity society today.

Regarding the company’s international and bilingual services for the elderly care, go to the company website >> for a detail.
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